The Importance of Organ Meat in a Dog's Diet

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The Importance of Organ Meat in a Dog's Diet

May 13, 2016

In a raw fed dog's diet, organ meat is essential for their health. Raw Dog Hawaii adheres to the "whole prey" model of feeding where other than head, hide, hooves, feet, feathers, thyroid gland and digestive tract we use the entire animal in our food.

Because we use USDA grass-fed beef our beef organs are from grass fed cows as well. We are able to get all the organs as USDA certified except for the pancreas and the stomach. The stomach (green tripe) isn't classified as fit for human consumption so we have to get that separately. Fur and feathers make up a large amount of the fiber in a dog's diet. In order to mimic that fiber and ensure we further meet the nutritional requirements needed by dogs we include five organic green vegetable juices and their plant fibers to make up for the lack of fiber from the feather and fur.

The following article from Dog Naturally Magazine is an excellent reference if you are making your own raw or simply want to know what each organ provides.

Organ Meat in a Dog's Diet

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