Are Mainstream Pet Food Makers Finally Accepting Raw Food?

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Are Mainstream Pet Food Makers Finally Accepting Raw Food?

December 07, 2014 2 Comments

  • The mainstream pet food industry may be reaching the point of admitting that raw diets are here to stay, despite considerable efforts to create fear among pet owners
  • The impressive increase in sales of raw and other premium pet food categories over the last few years can no longer be ignored
  • The trend toward fresh, raw, species-appropriate pet food is a huge win for the long-term health and well-being of four-legged family members.

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Gary Novosel
Gary Novosel

January 17, 2019

Hi Eddie and thank you for your question. Our process is to start with a frozen whole animal. We crush it, flake it, grind it and then form it into patties, nuggets and bulk chubs. We have dogs from chihuahuas to Great Danes eat our food with success. The bone particles are quite small and don’t represent any hazard to the dog. Great question. Let us know if we can answer anything else!


January 16, 2019

Sorry just read the products and ingredients. How do you grind the bones? Isn’t dangerous for the little dogs, I’ve got English Bulls.

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