Don't Wait For Cancer

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Don't Wait For Cancer

November 15, 2016

It's too often that we receive a request from a pet owner with cancer or other severe illnesses asking for help. These calls and emails make me wish I had a time machine or three wishes I'd gotten and never used. Pet owners are understandably distraught and are willing to do anything to save their friend. I think anyone that's been at this point in their life would do the same and spend any amount of money to do it. I know that I would; without question.

We live in a world where our lakes, oceans, lands, foods and air contain toxins that impact our lives and the lives of our pets. The US's new GMO labeling system is going to put a scannable QR code on our food so it can easily be read with a smart phone. Easily? 100 million people in the US don't have smart phones so they can't scan codes. And I don't know about you, but I'm not going to scan 52 items in my shopping cart to see if they contain GMOs or not. It's bad design bought and paid for by biotech companies like Mars, Monsanto, Sygenta, 3M and others. They don't want us to know what we eat. If you think it's bad with human food, just imagine how bad it is for pet food. With ingredients like BHA and BHT that are proven to be carcinogenic, propylene glycol, natural and artificial colors, chicken meal, chicken by-product meal, and things like meat meal (you need to look that one up in the Internet if you think by-product might be disgusting) our pet's food is a mix of poor ingredients with even worse additives.

I can buy a bag of dog food that costs less than $1.00 a pound. That's about 6 cups of dog food per pound and that would be for 120 pound dog. Now, let's assume you weigh 120 pounds. I want to challenge you to go into a grocery store and feed yourself for an entire day for $1.00. I'll even be generous and let you spend $2 for your whole day's worth of food. Seriously? How is it possible that the farmer, rancher, truck drivers, pet food manufacturers, distributors, and grocery stores can all make a profit from that and expect to live. Knowing that each and every one of them makes a good profit from that bag of dog food exactly how good can the ingredients in that bag POSSIBLY be?

In care you haven't figured this out yet, it's called a rant. I go on and on about how we are so willing in the end to spend any amount of money, effort, and time on a cure but we are so unwilling to spend our money making smart, healthy decisions along the way. Once we have cancer, liver or kidney failure, a brain tumor, or some other horrific and deadly disease then and only then do we do everything humanly possible to fix it. I'm no saint. I have been drinking coke and diet coke all my life. I've been preached to about aspartame, artificial sweeteners, additives and everything I've already mentioned in this rant. So, I made a decision. I quit drinking diet coke. I realized how addicted I was to it. And now I make healthier choices for what I drink. Today, I had water with lunch. Yeah. Me, they guy that NEVER has water with a meal had water with his lunch. Will it make a difference now? Will I live longer or be cancer free? I don't know. What I do know is aspartame is bad for me and I stopped drinking it. If I eat organic then I don't eat RoundUp or nearly the level of pesticides. If I eat more vegetables than junk food I'll feel more full and my body will get the nutrients it needs.

So can I stop cancer? Can I keep my dog from getting cancer? I don't know. What I do know is if I eat things that can cause it I'm more likely to get cancer than if I eat a healthy, natural diet. So no. If your pet has cancer or some other horrible disease starting them on a raw diet probably won't cure it. But you can make a decision right now for your pet to invest the money on curing a future illness on preventing it right now with the best food they can get. And it costs more. It's not like you can really eat on $1 a day anyway, right? 

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