How much should you feed your dog (hint: It's a lot less than you thin

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How much should you feed your dog (hint: It's a lot less than you think!)

August 28, 2019

First, you don't have to worry. You can't do this wrong. You don't have to be exact when feeding. And, there’s no need to calorie count. We’ve done all this for you!

Our food is formulated and nutritionally tested to ensure we are providing your dog with a 100% complete and balanced diet. Adding too many supplements can upset the nutritional balance and result in your dog over-consuming vitamins and minerals. This condition is not healthy for your dog. Please trust us on this.

If you previously fed your dog dry food, the amount of raw food in your dog’s bowl is going to look significantly less than what you fed before. Why? Our food is 96% digestible (smaller and less stinky stool). Whereas, dry dog food is generally only 40% digestible!

We use the whole animal in our foods and do not add any unnecessary ingredients or fillers. Our formula replicates what a dog would hunt for in the wild:
•    80% muscle meat
•    10% finely ground bone
•    5% offal (e.g., liver, heart, kidney, spleen, green tripe, gizzards)
•    4% freshly juiced organic green vegetables
•    1% organic coconut oil, organic kelp powder, organic milk thistle

Various factors contribute to the proper amount to feed (e.g., current weight, breed, health, age, etc.). Please treat the following information as a general guideline and adjust accordingly.
Please consider the following factors when determining how much to feed your dog:
•    Breed
•    Weight
•    Body condition
•    Health status
•    Activity level
•    Age
•    Color, texture of stool

For your convenience, our dog food is available in three different varieties (forms):
•    8-ounce patties
•    Nuggets
•    Bulk chubs

Link to [Feeding Chart](

Puppies and pregnant or lactating females have higher nutritional requirements than a healthy adult dog.

•    Feed twice the amount of a healthy adult dog
•    Feed more frequently throughout the day
•    Add teaspoon (¼ oz) green tripe per day, until 12 weeks old
•    Energy requirements are the highest at 4-5 months old
•    At one year old, feed only as much as an adult dog
•    Puppies will often eat mother’s regurgitated food. If your female dog regurgitates her food for her puppies, it’s entirely normal and safe for puppies to eat.
•    Remember, the condition of the stool is the only accurate guide to determine correct feeding amounts

Pregnant or Lactating Females:
•    Feed twice the amount of a healthy adult dog until puppies are weaned
•    Feed more frequently throughout the day
•    Add 1 ounce (one disk) green tripe per day, until weaned
•    Mother’s may regurgitate food for their puppies. If your female dog does this, it’s perfectly normal and safe for puppies to eat.

The Truth Is In the Poop!

The best indicator of your dog's nutritional health is measured by the quality of their stool! Immediately after passing, if your pup’s stool looks dry or crumbly, add a small amount of food to each meal. Continue adding small amounts of food until the stool is small, firm, brown or light brown, and no longer crumbles. Keep in mind that stool might appear dry and crumbly a few hours after passing. That is perfectly normal.

If your dog’s poop is loose or excessive, you’ve fed too much. You will need to feed less food. It’s that simple!

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