Looking for a pancreatitis solution for your dog?

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Looking for a pancreatitis solution for your dog?

May 15, 2019

Many foods fed to dogs are entirely processed and devoid of natural enzymes, which help supplement your pet’s diet and reduce pancreatic stress.  When eating carbohydrate-containing foods, a dog's pancreas lives in a state of chronic inflammation and stress because the average American pet diet is dead (processed at high temperatures to create an extensive shelf life) and is therefore devoid of any naturally occurring amylase, lipase, and protease enzymes naturally be found in raw foods. The canned or kibble (dry food) diet that you feed your pet causes the pancreas to have to secrete an abundance of digestive enzymes. This sustained, overwork of the pancreas can cause pancreatitis.

There are also some drugs that are well known to induce episodes of pancreatitis. For instance, anti-seizure drugs such as Potassium Bromide or Phenobarbital are well known to predispose pets to pancreatitis.

Prednisone and other auto-immune suppressant steroids are also well known to cause pancreatitis. Even the diuretic Lasix (Furosemide®), has been implicated in pancreatitis attacks in dogs.

Certain breeds, such as Miniature Schnauzers may also have a genetic predisposition to having recurrent pancreatitis. German Shepherds can be born with pancreatic insufficiency causing enzyme deficiency symptoms from birth.

Pancreatitis Often Recurs

If you’ve been through the nightmare of pancreatitis, you know all too well that number one, it is very scary, and number two, many animals require hospitalization and very intense medical therapy to pull them through the crisis.

What you may not know is that pancreatitis often recurs. You can easily spend thousands of dollars getting your pet stabilized with each occurrence of pancreatitis. Unfortunately, the fact is that many pets end up with recurrent pancreatitis. Experience indicates that foods absent carbohydrates seem to alleviate the overproduction of pancreatic enzymes and lowers the stress of the pancreas. When enzyme production is controlled, pancreatitis symptoms are reduced or eliminated.

If your dog is or has suffered from pancreatitis, please contact us and we can recommend food-based solutions to help alleviate this condition.

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