Hawaiʻi Grass-Fed Free-Range Beef Green Tripe Disks

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Hawaiʻi Grass-Fed Free-Range Beef Green Tripe Disks

Worth their weight in gold! Loaded with protein, nutrients, probiotics, and amino acids, we include green tripe in all our blends. Added as a supplement to your dog’s raw diet, Green Tripe improves metabolism and hormonal function. Green Tripe is the raw, unprocessed stomach of an animal. Our “Green” Tripe is green in color because it comes from grass-fed grass-finished free-range cows. The tripe you find at the market is white because it’s been processed, cooked at high temperatures, soaked in lye, and bleached. Yuck! Email us at support@rawdoghawaii.com to learn more about the incredible benefits of green tripe.

Green tripe is stinky, so we prefer to serve frozen. For dogs, the stinkier the better! They love the smell! And we promise your pups will go absolutely nuts over the taste! No fillers, additives, or preservatives. Just Green Tripe. Serve every day or a couple of times a week. Each resealable pouch contains 1- pound of disks. Keep frozen.

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