Before/After Stories About Dogs

Heal Dogs Allergies Hawaii

Formulated Foods for Dogs with Allergies in Hawaii

Ruby - Ruby is a six year old lab. She was overweight, had significant shedding and no energy. Notice the sore on nose, dark ears, muzzle, and eyes.

The bottom two pictures show a significant difference after only 30 days. Full fur regrowth on muzzle and ears, eyes indicate a more alert and healthy posture, and her jowl and hindquarters show weight loss and improved muscle mass. All from changing from kibble to our raw diet.


Neptune - We met this beauty during our animal feeding trials at the O'ahu SPCA. She had been under veterinary care for a year and a half. She was brought in for demodectic mange. Mange is cause by malnourishment and the resultant skin infections. She had been on several foods, antibiotics, antifungals, steroids, shampoos, etc. We took her from before to after in 5 WEEKS with ONLY our raw food.

Mango - Mango was brought into the O'ahu SPCA at 4 months old. This is her at 4 years, six month still at the OSPCA. Her's is a sad story. She is a beautiful, loving dog. Why she hasn't been adopted is beyond me. Notice her eyes, sores on front legs and dull fur. The second picture is her after three weeks. Her hair looks like a shampoo commercial! Vibrant eyes, no shedding and all her sores and rashes healed all on our raw food ONLY!